Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Confession

Yup, I did it.  I confess.  You know those "special" parking spots at some stores that are saved for new or expecting mothers?  Well, today it was rainy, very rainy.  There were no close parking spots except for TWO empty "Mom-To-Be" spots right near the entrance of the grocery store.  And I was sure in the 5 minutes that it would take me to run into the store and grab what I needed there weren't going to be a slew of pregnant women grocery shopping.  So, I pulled into the spot, got out of the car and (just in case the grocery store parking lot bosses were watching) I poked out my belly, put my hand on my back and waddled in like a pregnant woman.  When I completed my transaction and returned to my car... just as I had expected, the other "Mom-To-Be" spot was still empty.  So, my conscience is clear.


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