Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tomorrow is "D" Day.

Three months ago, I entered a "body transformation" contest at my gym.  You can read more about it at my Weight Loss Competition thread.  And tomorrow is "D" Day, as in Dunk tank day.  I am nervous.  I look back and remember all the times I should have gone to the gym and made an excuse instead.  I look back and remember every bite I SHOULD NOT have eaten. Regrets fill my brain....

Then I remind myself...  "Self, look at all the things you HAVE done in the past three months."

To begin with, I lost (and kept off) 17 pounds and I lost it without starving myself.  I am embracing the art of cooking healthy.  Delicious meals using healthy ingredients instead of pizza and fries are now a norm in my household.  I am learning the importance of protein, "good carbs" and the right foods to fuel my body.

I am stronger.  Every trip to the gym, I push myself to do a little bit more than I did the time before.  And I can feel the progress.  Others have noticed.  And  Wow, I have muscles...  Now, I want to get ripped!

Another accomplishment I have made in the past three months is right in front of you.  My blog.  I am really proud of this blog.  I have put a huge effort into improving it and spreading the word. Obesity is a rising epidemic.  Over 30 percent of people are considered obese compared to 11 percent 20 years ago.  I do not believe this is because people simply do not care.  I believe most lack the "know how" tools for living a healthier lifestyle.  My goal is to help guide myself and others to better health through this blog.  If this fat girl can do it, then anyone can.

Regardless if I am walking around tomorrow with an IPad2, I am proud of what I have done in three months.  And if I can do all this in three months, think of what I will accomplish in a year! 

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