Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Debts not Deeds

My kids always keep me on my toes, especially my little boy Z.  You never know what mood he is in on a given day or given minute.  I had even written a guest post about him and his bad language.  Well, yesterday one of his moods struck again, this time he was in a "I am right no matter what you say" type of mood.

He was reading a book and used the word "debts" instead of "deeds."

Apparently, he did not get that word wrong because he is never wrong.  He intentionally used the word debts instead of deeds because that is what he does.  So, I inform him he is wrong because that is what I do.

But oh no, he is STILL not wrong....



That is my boy, always keeping me on my toes.  
But you know... I think he is on to something.  Let us think about this for a minute.  If "debts" is now "deeds" then that would mean "deeds" is now "debts" right?  So, when a bill collector calls up wanting me to pay one of my overdue debts then I will certainly tell him that he is right and I will pay my overdue "deed" right away.  If he tries to argue with me that he meant debt and not deed, I will just put Z on the phone.  He is very convincing.



  1. Ha ha! Don't worry, this "season" too will pass! Been there! ;)

  2. Our kids do keep us on our toes. Thanks for the post!

  3. Hahahahah, Z reminds me of my husband, never wrong!

    Sofia @ From PDX with Love

    1. Haha, well Z does take after my hubby. ;)

  4. Yes well I have learned to step away from these types of arguments with my kiddo. She has a disability and she is a total bear if you argue.

    So I say yes you are right and leave the room.

    1. I read a post today about "not sweating the small stuff." Your approach would be right in line with that... something I have told myself I will start working on. Thank you for the advice. :)

  5. Hahahaha! Kids are ALWAYS right. Didn't you know. I know that my teen sure is. :P